Raising Little Men

Facebook comments say it all
March 12, 2009, 6:28 am
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On Tuesday, I made a status update about my life.  That update and the comments that followed pretty much say it all…

Sara will be happy when her twins outgrow their “let’s experiment with where our pee can go” phase. 2:24pm

Elizabeth at 2:36pm March 10
Sorry Sara!!! When do they outgrow that phase…16?
Veronica at 2:45pm March 10
Good to know what I have to look forward to!
Sara at 2:50pm March 10
Luckily, so far all of the peeing has been in their room. The first time, E peed on the floor so that B’s boat would have water. Another day, they took off all of their clothes, threw them on the floor, and “painted” the clothes and their beds with their pee. Yesterday, E peed on B’s blankets just for fun, after which B decided it was cool to strip down and pee on his clothes. For fun.
Sam at 2:50pm March 10
lol. awesome.
Veronica at 2:52pm March 10
I have another friend whose two boys (not twins but a year apart) just smeared butter on the TV and the couch while she was taking a shower. She even took pics and just posted them, LOL!
Sara at 2:54pm March 10
Yeah, it really is scary what they can get into when they put their minds together. We have also had Frosted Flakes in the fish tank and markers on the wall in the last few days. I just love being a mom to boys! 🙂
Jacqueline at 2:58pm March 10
I hope you are documenting this! You will have to share this with their wives someday.
Sara at 3:04pm March 10
Yes, I definitely am. Hubby’s mom told me about how he did this when he was a kid, too – one of his experiments involved peeing in his mom’s shoes. Ewwww!!! Sadly, he was 4 when he did it, so I am not holding out much hope for this to end soon.
Beau at 3:48pm March 10
I think it’s a guy thing. We do it b/c we can. I had an incident at age 3 or 4 involving a fountain in a highly public location.
Jan at 7:27pm March 10
The bigger they get, the more pee there will be. Mom of 3 boys aged 7,9 &12.

I’ve been away
March 12, 2009, 6:21 am
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Okay, so quick and simple, I’ve been busy. So sorry! Probably shouldn’t have started a blog and then gone on vacation. 🙂 We have also had lots of three-year-old issues here, especially concerning experiments with pee. Gotta love boys.

Just wanted to say I am back.

Ta-da list

Earlier this year, I read about a ta-da list.  Rather than writing up a to-do list and feeling like nothing gets accomplished during the day, you write up a ta-da list as you get things done.  You can find my first list here.  It is interesting for me to see the first list because I think I got more done that day.  Of course, at that point little Z wasn’t born yet – I think that makes a huge difference.  Anyway, here is a snapshot of my day…

  1. Got up – major accomplishment!
  2. Got kids breakfast
  3. Got self dressed and ready for the gym
  4. Got three kids dressed and ready for the gym
  5. Helped older two brush teeth
  6. Made lunches for B&E for after gymnastics
  7. Packed snacks for everyone
  8. Make up water bottle for me and juice cups for the twins
  9. Restocked diaper bag
  10. Washed & dried a load of towels
  11. Unloaded dishwasher
  12. Cleaned up breakfast
  13. Worked out at the gym – woo hoo!
  14. Took kids to gymnastics class
  15. Helped B & E eat lunch at park district building after gymnastics
  16. Returned baby scale to hospital
  17. Ate my own lunch
  18. Got kids down for a nap (took HOURS)
  19. Folded Z’s clothes
  20. Changed diapers
  21. Played with Z
  22. Read books to B & E
  23. Ate a snack
  24. Dropped a glass in the sink and broke it
  25. Cleaned up aforementioned glass
  26. Washed diapers
  27. Cooked dinner
  28. Served dinner
  29. Cleaned up dinner
  30. Helped get kids bathed
  31. Got jammies on twins
  32. Cleaned up mountain of books on floor in B & E’s room.
  33. Fed baby six times
  34. Broke up fights
  35. Stared in wonder at the disaster that is my family room – the toys have taken over the ENTIRE floor
  36. Wrote this blog post
  37. Collapsed from exhaustion

So, I did apparently get things done.  I don’t know how I feel though… I still see three baskets of unfolded clothes around the house and a few dishes in the sink.  Do you ever have days/weeks/lifetimes where you just don’t feel like you can keep up?

Wordless Wednesday – Our Family Portrait
February 25, 2009, 1:29 am
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My poor walls
February 25, 2009, 1:25 am
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We moved into our house at the end of April, so about ten months ago.  When we moved in, I had clean walls.  Now, on the wall going up the stairs, I have this…


Can you see that nice dark stripe of handprints up my wall?  Heaven forbid they actually use the railing that is on the other side of the stairs (or, by chance, actually wash their hands).  Honestly, I am kind of scared to try to clean the marks off because it is fairly matte paint on plaster walls.  How do you clean plaster walls without leaving marks behind?  Would the marks I inevitably leave behind because I am inept at cleaning look as bad as the handprints, or worse?

A new discovery in this area came over the weekend, about another three feet up the wall…


Hmmm… who do you think could have left that handprint?  It must have been my husband the elves who leave dirty socks all over the house.

It’s a miracle!
February 25, 2009, 12:51 am
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Is it bad that I feel the need to shout that from the rooftops?  With three boys here and my husband, I don’t think any of them can truly appreciate how good it felt to button up those pre-pregnancy jeans today.  Woot!!!!

The only sad part of the day was that as soon as I started coming down from the I-fit-in-my-jeans high, I realized they are now totally out of style, being that they are kind of a stonewashed, faded color.  Isn’t it dark jeans that is all the rage now?  I don’t even know… how sad is that.


February 23, 2009, 6:46 am
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Conversation between the twins and me yesterday afternoon…

E:  Mommy, we’re playing with our cars.

Me:  Oooh!  That’s fun!

B:  Yeah, they are getting married.

E:  Have you ever seen two cars get married, Mommy?

Me:  No, no I have not.  This should be really interesting!